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?? goods in stock: external diameter ¡Á Wall thickness: mm ¡Á Mm material: Standard: Place of Origin:
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Wuxi stainless steel pipe
Wuxi 304 stainless steel pipe
Wuxi 304 stainless steel pipe
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Stainless steel pipe for chemical plant
Specifications texture of material standard Price length Place of Origin
two hundred and nineteen ¡Á eight 304/0Cr18Ni9 GB14976-2002 22/kg uncertain Jiangsu
? Stock description

Ten advantages of enterprises

1. Technical advantages: it has the most advanced production technology and first-class technical management personnel in the industry

2. Quality advantage: from the source of steel belt raw materials, using advanced production equipment, mainly focusing on product workmanship ??????????? The process pays attention to every production detail. Double refining low-carbon materials can ensure the quality, highlight low-carbon and low impurities, reduce the probability of spot rust, and ensure the quality.

3. Detection advantages: adopt advanced detection equipment and means to strictly control the quality, and introduce the most advanced imported spectral detector to detect layer by layer.

Scale advantage: the company is the largest production scale, the highest output and the fastest efficiency in the industry.

5. Price advantage: scale purchase, scale production, scale sales reduce the cost of middlemen and production line greatly reduce the cost, and the price is more favorable.

6. Management advantages: whole process computerized management, professional ERP enterprise office system, one-stop tracking service

7. Service advantages: the high-quality service team and full-time customer service manager can provide you with comprehensive pre-sale, in-service and after-sales service for 24 hours, and help you solve problems at any time.

8. Cultural advantages: learning enterprises, constantly surpass and make common progress.

9. Product advantages: Shangfa is professional, focused, and dedicated, and moves towards excellence.

10. Advertising advantages: the whole process of advertising support, improve brand awareness, promote sales and create profits for customers


Wuxi bangruite metal products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in all kinds of domestic or imported carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and profiles, etc

Special materials, specifications, processing parts can be allocated by us for you, saving you valuable time to find materials.

In order to make your inquiry more effective, we suggest you use the following methods:

£¨ one £©Make an inquiry on Ali Wangwang.
£¨ two £©Telephone inquiry. contact number: 0510- 88222224/13382886444£¨ three £©Send a fax inquiry. Inquiry Fax: 0510- 88223334¡££¨ Note: Ali inquiry, we will give you the best price.) ??

??? At present, our company mainly develops domestic customers, business radiation all over the country, and forms a new allocation mechanism with brother companies in Anhui, Guangdong, Dongguan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Tianjin, Zhejiang and other places, integrates industry resources and forms a perfect distribution process.
??? Wuxi bangruite metal products Co., Ltd. provides one-stop service for customers, help you to bill, pick up goods and deliver them to your designated place. Everything is subject to your convenience! Strive to create industry demonstration standards, ensure quality and service, your choice of trust is our unremitting driving force for development

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