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What is the size of 6-point stainless steel pipe? 4 points twenty-five thousand six hundred and seventeen
[weight table of stainless steel management theory] 3 twenty-five thousand five hundred and sixteen
What specification is DN50 steel pipe? thirteen thousand three hundred and twenty-six
Service temperature of 304 stainless steel pipe twelve thousand five hundred and fifteen
Comparison table of steel pipe specifications of various countries (Ji eleven thousand six hundred and eighty-two
304 stainless steel decorative pipe - stainless steel ten thousand nine hundred and five
500mm outer diameter Wuxi 304 ten thousand four hundred and nine
Diameter 73 series stainless steel pipe specification ten thousand two hundred and seventy-eight
Wuxi 304 stainless steel pipe: 30 ten thousand two hundred and forty-nine
Weight table of round steel per meter (unit)| nine thousand eight hundred and seventy-two
National Standard Specification table of stainless steel seamless pipe/ nine thousand six hundred and five
Hot push of stainless steel market in Wuxi nine thousand one hundred and forty
Weld cracking of 316L stainless steel pipe seven thousand two hundred and sixty-seven
"Non standard stainless steel pipe customized" "None" five thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven
304, 316 stainless steel pipe hard five thousand seven hundred and eighty-six
Cr9Mo alloy pipe standard material five thousand three hundred and seventy-five
Stainless steel seamless in June five thousand two hundred and fifty-four
Hot rolled stainless steel sheet and cold rolled stainless steel five thousand one hundred and forty-six
Wuxi stainless steel pipe sizing fee - no four thousand eight hundred and ninety-two
How much is the price of high pressure stainless steel pipe four thousand eight hundred and twenty
Price of stainless steel pipe Your current location: home page /Stainless steel tube price / Stainless Steel Pipe Factory stainless steel pipe price rise can we divide the cup soup from the middle
Stainless Steel Tube Factory stainless steel tube price rise can from the cup soup
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Stainless steel pipe factory Price of stainless steel pipe Can you divide the soup from the middle

We think the price will really go up:

1. All the raw material elements of stainless steel, such as nickel and chromium, are rising, and the cost is pulling;

2. The reform of supply system has reduced overcapacity and eliminated backward production capacity, especially the news that Guangdong medium frequency furnace will be shut down in an all-round way is the fuse of this round of price increase. Qingshan will reduce production by 200000 tons next month, which is a catalyst;

3. The internal depreciation of RMB, with the continuous expansion of credit, the property market is in full swing, which is the need of maintaining the value of funds. Nickel, chromium, copper and other metals in stainless steel have the function of maintaining value.

According to the hot market of this round, we feel that the price will not fall down before the middle of November, so the order is safe and can be ordered properly. When the sharp rise is often followed by a sharp fall, can the market accept such a rapid pull up?

Wuxi Xianghe alloy high pressure steel pipe Co., Ltd Wuxi 304 stainless steel pipe Jiangsu 316 stainless steel plate Stainless steel seamless pipe Agent of Shanghai steel No.5 factory and TISCO Stainless Steel Co., Ltd Seamless pipe Stainless steel pipe produced by yongxingte steel pipe blank Wuxi stainless steel market More than 500 tons of steel pipe stock, complete specifications, factory price sales! Year round sales of TISCO, Baosteel, Lianzhong, Zhangpu, Krupp, Jiugang and other stainless steel products. At the same time, our company has also established a good cooperation relationship with foreign steel mills, including Japan, Germany and other large-scale steel mills every month with various specifications of stainless steel pipe Stainless steel plate Order contract. The products comply with international GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards. Stainless steel tube and plate stock: 201 three hundred and four 304L 316 316L 321 310S 904L Etc. All the above products are paid with the manufacturer's quality certificate. Through years of hard work, the company in the Wuxi stainless steel The market has become a large-scale stainless steel tube and plate manufacturer and sales enterprise, and has established stable supply relationship with major heat exchanger plants, pressure vessel manufacturers, power plants, boiler plants, petroleum, chemical, machinery and major installation companies. The company follows the tenet of honest management, real price and high quality service, which has won customers and expanded the market. The products are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical machinery, nuclear power, boiler, heat exchanger, ship, paper, textile, chemical fiber machinery, medical equipment and environmental protection industries.

Specification of stainless steel pipe: Φ 6-630mmX1-50mm

Specification of stainless steel welded pipe: Φ 19-1200mmX0.5-50mm

The available stainless steel pipe materials are:

Austenitic stainless steel: 304 / L, 321, 316 / L, 317 / L, 310S, 347 / h 254SMO 4529, 904L, etc

Duplex stainless steel: 00Cr22Ni5Mo3N (UNS S31803) (SAF2205) 00Cr25Ni7Mo4N (UNS S32750) (SAF two thousand five hundred and seven )

Ferritic stainless steel: 430 T91 SUS409L, sus430lx, etc

Martensitic stainless steel: 410, 420, 420J 1, 416, etc

Precipitation hardening stainless steel: 17-4PH (630), 15-5PH, 17-7ph (631), etc

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